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2020 in memoriam

Paula Tilbrook (16/1/30-1/12/19, made public 15/7/20) Betty Eagleton in Emmerdale, Open All Hours
Rocky Sharpe (26/11/52-5/12/19, announced 6/1/20), Replays leader
Neville Buswell (20/1/43-25/12/19, announced 27/1/20), Ray Langton in Coronation Street
Christopher Beeny (7/7/41-3/1/20), Upstairs Downstairs, In Loving Memory
Tony Garnett (3/4/36-12/1/20), drama producer – Cathy Come Home and other Ken Loach works, This Life, Between The Lines
Alan Pattillo (17/7/29-16/1/20), director and writer on Gerry Anderson’s series
Derek Fowlds (2/9/37-17/1/20), Yes Minister’s Bernard Woolley, Basil Brush’s Mr Derek
Peter Hobday (16/2/37-18/1/20), launch presenter of Newsnight, also hosted The Money Programme and Radio 4’s Today
Johnny Carroll (18/4/41-18/1/20), New Faces winner and The Comedians regular
Terry Jones (1/2/42-21/1/20)
Nicholas Parsons (10/10/23-28/1/20)
Julia Breck (22/8/41-28/1/20), comic stooge – Q, Python, The Two Ronnies
Dr Heather Couper (2/6/49-19/2/20), populist astronomer
Tom Watkins (21/9/49-24/2/20), extravagant manager of Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17
Jahn Teigen (27/9/49-24/2/20), Norway’s Eurovision 1978 nul points singer
Michael Medwin (18/7/23-26/2/20), Shoestring, The Army Game, Colin’s Sandwich
Roy Hudd (16/5/36-15/3/20), News Huddlines, Lipstick On Your Collar, Corrie, music hall authority
Kenny Rogers (21/8/38-20/3/20), country music icon
David Collings (4/6/40-23/3/20), Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Sapphire & Steel, Dark Towers, Press Gang, lead voice of Monkey
Hamish Wilson (13/12/42-26/3/20), stand-in Jamie McCrimmon for two episodes of Doctor Who
Bill Martin (9/11/38-26/3/30), songwriter (Back Home, Congratulations, Puppet On A String)
Alan Merrill (19/2/51-29/3/20), Arrows singer, wrote I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
John Langdon (?-23/3/20), writer for Rory Bremner, Not The Nine O’Clock News and various topical Radio 4 shows
John Tydeman (30/3/36-1/4/20), BBC radio producer, commissioned Adrian Mole for Radio 4 and was then written into the books
Mike Appleton (30/12/36-2/4/20), Old Grey Whistle Test and Live Aid producer
Eddie Large (25/6/41-2/4/20)
Honor Blackman (22/8/25-5/4/20)
Peter Walker (17/2/36-5/4/20), cricketer turned BBC presenter
James Drury (18/4/34-6/4/20), lead in The Virginian
Tim Brooke-Taylor (17/7/40-12/4/20)
Pip Baker (?/28-14/4/20), writer of four Doctor Who serials with wife Jane
Kenny Young (14/4/41-14/4/20), Fox and Yellow Dog guitarist, songwriter (Under The Boardwalk)
Sean Arnold (30/1/41-15/4/20), Mr Llewelyn in Grange Hill, Barney Crozier in Bergerac
Florian Schneider (7/4/47-21/4/20), Kraftwerk founder
Lynn Faulds Wood (25/3/48-24/4/20), Watchdog presenter
Jill Gascoine (11/4/37-29/4/20), DI Maggie Forbes in The Gentle Touch and C.A.T.S. Eyes, also The Onedin Line
Dave Greenfield (29/3/49-3/5/20), Stranglers keyboard player
Hillard “Sweet Pea” Atkinson (20/9/45-5/5/20), Was (Not Was) singer
Mory Kante (29/3/50-22/5/20), Guinean world music crossover star
Tony Scannell (14/8/45-26/5/20), DS Ted Roach in The Bill
Jonathan Whitehead (21/10/60-26/5/20), theme music writer for The Day Today, Brass Eye, Green Wing, Smack The Pony, Black Books, Fist Of Fun
Michael Angelis (29/4/44-30/5/20), Chrissie in Boys From The Black Stuff, Carol’s brother in The Liver Birds, Thomas & Friends narrator
Steve Priest (23/2/48-4/6/20), glam bassist and second vocalist in the Sweet
Rupert Hine (21/9/47-4/6/20), Quantum Jump singer, produced everyone from Tina Turner, the Thompson Twins and Howard Jones to Jon Pertwee’s Who Is The Doctor
Malcolm Terris (11/1/41-6/6/20), When the Boat Comes In
Willie Thorne (4/3/54-17/6/20), snooker player and Matchroom Mob member
Ian Holm (12/9/31-19/6/20), Chariots Of Fire, Lord Of The Rings, Alien, The Fifth Element
Harry Smith (?/51-19/6/20), ITN political correspondent
Margarita Pracatan (11/6/31-23/6/20), Cuban novelty singer made famous by Clive James
Louis Mahoney (8/9/38-28/6/20), activist and longtime bit-part actor – Dr Who, Fawlty Towers, Z-Cars, Danger Man, The Professionals, Yes Prime Minister
Mike Walling (8/7/50-2/7/20), comedy actor (Brush Strokes), writer (Birds Of A Feather, Brittas Empire) and songwriter (The Brat’s Chalk Dust)
Earl Cameron (8/8/17-3/7/20), Doctor Who (Tenth Planet), The Prisoner, one of Britain’s first significant black actors
Richard Preddy (?-7/7/20), writer for The Fast Show, Harry Enfield & Chums, Shooting Stars, Smack The Pony, SMTV, Green Wing
Johnny Beattie (9/11/26-9/7/20), Scotch & Wry, Rab C. Nesbitt, River City
Jack Charlton (8/5/35-10/7/20), World Cup winner and Republic Of Ireland manager
Mary Miller (27/12/29-11/7/20), Crown Court, Marty, Knightmare
Maurice Roëves (19/3/37-15/7/20), Doctor Who (The Caves of Androzani), Tutti Frutti, Vanity Fair, Hillsborough
C.P. Lee (19/1/50-25/7/20), Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias singer, Teach Yourself Gibberish
Sydney Lotterby (30/11/26-28/7/20), producer/director – Last of the Summer Wine, Yes (Prime) Minister, Ever Decreasing Circles, Open All Hours, Butterflies, Ripping Yarns, Porridge, Sykes, Liver Birds, Up Pompeii!
Alan Parker (14/2/44-31/7/20), advert director (Cinzano) turned film director (Bugsy Malone, Fame, Midnight Express, The Commitments)
Tony Morris (30/9/62-1/8/20), newsreader and reporter for BBC North West Tonight and Granada Reports
Paul Knight (3/1/44-16/8/20) producer – Dick Turpin, Black Beauty, Robin Of Sherwood, London’s Burning
Doreen Davies (13/1/28-19/8/20), 70s and 80s head of Radio 1
David Mercer (15/4/50-26/8/20), BBC tennis commentator
Joe Ruby (30/3/33-26/8/20), co-creator of Scooby-Doo
Steve Lee (?/52-30/8/20), BBC and Sky Sports reporter
Ian Mitchell (22/8/58-1/9/20), Bay City Rollers guitarist 1976-77
Ronald Bell (1/11/51-9/9/20), Kool & The Gang singer
Diana Rigg (20/7/38-10/9/20)
Toots Hibbert (8/12/42-11/9/20), leader of Toots & the Maytals
George Jeffrie (?/64-19/9/20), writer for Smack The Pony, Big Train, Kumars, Armstrong & Miller, Harry & Paul, co-created The Windsors
Michael Lonsdale (24/5/31-21/9/20), Hugo Drax in Moonraker
Ronald Forfar (6/1/39-28/9/20), Freddie Boswell in Bread
Frank Windsor (12/7/28-30/9/20), Z Cars, Doctor Who, Casualty, Peak Practice
Peter Fiddick (?/39-?/10/20), Guardian TV and media columnist, host of ITV’s Television Programme
Eddie van Halen (26/1/55-6/10/20), groundbreaking Van Halen guitarist
James Randi (7/8/28-20/10/20), magician and skeptic
Frank Bough (15/1/33-21/10/20)
John Duncanson (14/4/40-25/10/20), Grampian newsreader and continuity announcer (ABC, Border, Anglia, Tyne Tees)
Johnny Leeze (31/12/41-25/10/20), Ned Glover in Emmerdale, briefly of Coronation Street
Bobby Ball (28/1/44-28/10/20)
Sean Connery (25/8/30-31/10/20)
Peter Goodwright (12/5/36-?/11/20), Who Do You Do? “godfather of impressionists”
John Sessions (11/1/53-2/11/20), Whose Line It Anyway?, Spitting Image, Porterhouse Blue, Stella Street
Geoffrey Palmer (4/6/27-5/11/20), sitcom stalwart
Joy Westmore (2/4/32-5/11/20), Joyce Barry in Prisoner Cell Block H
Des O’Connor (12/1/32-14/11/20)
Dominic Grant (?/49-17/11/20), Guys’n’Dolls member
Diego Maradona (30/10/60-25/11/20)
David Prowse (11/7/35-28/11/20), Green Cross Code Man and Darth Vader
Neville Wanless (28/7/31-4/12/20), Tyne Tees continuity and newsreader
David Lander (22/6/47-4/12/20), Squiggy in Laverne & Shirley
Peter Alliss (28/2/31-5/12/20), BBC golf commentator
Barbara Windsor (6/8/37-10/12/20)
William Link (15/12/33-27/12/20), co-creator of Columbo and Murder She Wrote
Jeremy Bulloch (16/2/45-17/12/20), Boba Fett
Rosalind Knight (3/12/33-19/12/20), two Carry Ons, Gimme Gimme Gimme
Eileen Pollock (18/5/47-22/12/20), Bread’s Lilo Lil
Kevin Gearey (?/54-23/12/20), BBC sport reporter
Philip Martin (?/38-13/12/00), created Gangsters, wrote for Doctor Who and Z-Cars
Martin Lambie-Nairn (5/8/45-25/12/20), designer of idents for BBC1 (second COW, balloon, Rhythm & Movement), BBC2 (90s 2’s), ITV (Anglia flag, Carlton launch) and Channel 4 (blocks), also devised Spitting Image
Adele Rose (?/33-28/12/20), Coronation Street’s longest-serving writer, creator of Byker Grove


  1. Richardpd

    December 31, 2020 at 11:09 am

    You missed Helen Reddy 25/10/41 – 29/9/2020.

  2. Dermot O'Logical

    December 31, 2020 at 1:58 pm

    And Norbert Stiles, surely?

  3. George White

    January 1, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    And Larry Gogan

  4. Albert

    February 26, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    Stan Kirsch. Richie Ryan in Highlander.

  5. Blakey

    February 26, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    Betty Bobbitt. Judy Bryant in Prisoner Cell Block H.

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