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2018 in memoriam

Doreen Keogh
(5/2/16-31/12/17), first Rovers Return barmaid Concepta Riley and Mrs Doyle’s mainland friend Mrs Dineen

Denise LaSalle (16/7/39-8/1/18), soul singer and one hit wonder

Fast Eddie Clarke (5/10/50-10/1/18), Motorhead guitarist

Bella Emberg (16/9/37-12/1/18), serial comedy sidekick best known as Russ Abbot’s Blunderwoman

Cyrille Regis (9/2/58–14/1/18), West Bromwich Albion and England striker

Dolores O’Riordan (6/9/71-15/1/18), The Cranberries singer

Peter Wyngarde (23/8/27-15/1/18), Jason King

Howard Lew Lewis (21/8/41-20/1/18), Brush Strokes, Chemsford 123 and Maid Marian And Her Merry Men

Mark E Smith (5/3/57-24/1/18), The Fall singer

Hannah Hauxwell (1/8/26–30/1/18), Yorkshire hill farmer and regular documentary subject

Eddie Amoo (5/5/44-23/2/18), The Real Thing singer

Peter Miles (29/8/28-26/2/18), Blake’s 7, Z-Cars and Nyder in Genesis Of The Daleks

Carmel McSharry (18/8/26-4/3/18), star of Beryl’s Lot, Carol’s mother in the Liver Birds, Alf’s landlady turned partner in In Sickness And In Health

Ken Dodd (8/11/27-11/3/18)

Claudia Fontaine (28/6/60-13/3/18), singer with the vocal group and regular backing singers Afrodiziak

Jim Bowen (20/8/37-14/3/18)

Katie Boyle (29/5/26-20/3/18), TV personality, Eurovision Song Contest icon and TV Times agony aunt

Bill Maynard (8/10/28-30/3/18), The Gaffer, Selwyn Froggitt and Greengrass

Ray Wilkins (14/9/56-4/4/18), England midfielder and co-voice of the Tango adverts

Eric Bristow (25/4/57-5/4/18), five time darts world champion

Bob Bura (25/9/24-7/4/18), co-animator of the Trumptonshire trilogy

Neil Shand (3/3/34-14/4/18), writer for Frost, Monkhouse, Milligan, Everett, Yarwood, Carrott and The Two Ronnies
ALSO John Bluthal (12/8/29-15/11/18), Frank Pickle from Dibley, endless TV and film credits including right hand man on Q

Dale Winton (22/5/55-18/4/18)

Margot Kidder (17/10/48-13/5/18), Lois Lane

Glynn Edwards (2/2/3-23/5/18), Dave from the Winchester Club

Cornelia Francis (7/4/41-28/5/18), Morag from Home And Away

Leslie Grantham (30/4/47-15/6/18)

Steve Ditko (2/11/27-29/6/18) and Stan Lee (28/12/22-12/11/18), creators of Spider-man and plenty else between them

Peter Firmin (11/12/28-1/7/18), co-creator of Bagpuss, the Clangers and the Smallfilms works, designer of Basil Brush

Alan Longmuir (20/6/48-2/7/18), Bay City Rollers bassist

Clive King (24/4/24-10/7/18), Stig Of The Dump author

Peter Blake (8/12/48-21/7/18), Kirk St Moritz from Dear John and Pepsi salesman

Alastair Yates (24/9/52-26/7/18), BBC, Anglia and Sky news anchor, former BBC Midlands continuity

Bernard Hepton (19/10/25-27/7/18), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley’s People, Colditz, I Claudius, Six Wives Of Henry VIII

Ian “Sludge” Lees (?/44-30/7/18), club comedian and Tiswas regular guest

Martin Worth (?/11/26-?/7/18), writer for the original Poldark, Dr Finlay’s Casebook, The Onedin Line, The Survivors and Doomwatch

Barry Chuckle (24/4/44-5/8/18)

Aretha Franklin (25/3/42-16/8/18)

Jacqueline Pearce (20/12/43-3/9/18), Servalan

Burt Reynolds (11/2/36-6/9/18)

Liz Fraser (14/8/30-6/9/18), comedy actress who did four Carry Ons

John Tovey (19/5/33-8/9/18), celebrity chef

Fenella Fielding (17/11/27-11/9/18), vampish actress and Carry On Screaming icon

Zienia Merton (11/12/45-14/9/18), Sandra Benes from Space: 1999

Dudley Sutton (6/4/33-15/9/18), Tinker from Lovejoy

Denis Norden (6/2/22-19/9/18)

John Cunliffe (16/6/33-20/9/18), creator of Postman Pat and Rosie And Jim

Chas Hodges (28/12/43-22/9/18), partner of Dave

Ernest Maxin (22/8/23-27/9/18), Morecambe & Wise producer, also worked with Dave Allen and the Black & White Minstrels

Geoffrey Hayes (13/3/42-1/10/18), Rainbow housekeeper

Carlos Ezquerra (12/11/47-1/10/18), co-creator of Judge Dredd

Ray Galton (17/7/30-5/10/18), half of the Galton & Simpson sitcom writing duo

Peter Brackley (13/6/51-14/10/18), football commentator

Andrew Burt (23/5/45-16/11/18), Emmerdale Farm’s original Jack Sugden, lead in The Legend of King Arthur, voice of ITN

George A Cooper (7/3/25-16/11/18), Mr Griffiths from Grange Hill, Willie Piggott in Coronation Street

Al James (13/1/46-16/11/18), Showaddywaddy bassist

Richard Baker (15/6/25-17/11/18), BBC TV’s first newsreader

Ricky Jay (26/6/46-24/11/18), regular TV guest card trick magician

Peter Armitage (26/1/40-30/11/18), Bill Webster from Coronation Street

Pete Shelley (17/4/55-6/12/18), Buzzcocks singer

Penny Marshall (15/10/43-17/12/18), Laverne from Laverne & Shirley turned film director (Awakenings, Big, A League of Their Own)

Wendy Beckett (25/2/30-26/12/18), religious sister and art historian

June Whitfield (11/11/25-29/12/18)



  1. THX 1139

    January 2, 2019 at 12:22 am

    Andrew Burt was on Stepping Stones too, though I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember him in it.

  2. Glenn Aylett

    January 6, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    All of the original line up of Motorhead are dead now, this must be a grim first for a British band. A shame as Motorhead reinvented metal for the post punk era by ditching huge guitar solos and concept albums and concentrating on fast guitar playing and shorter songs.

  3. Andrew Barton

    October 14, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Doreen Keogh also played Jessica Hynes’s mother Mary on The Royle Family to add.

  4. Andrew Barton

    October 14, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    The Amoo brothers, Eddie and Chris, from The Real Thing wrote the track Love’s Such A Wonderful Thing.

    Thomas Bangalter and Martial Weiss, aka DJ Falcon, sampled the song for their Together project and their song was called So Much Love to Give.

    Kevin O’Toole and Dale Longworth, known for recording under the name N-Trance then used the same sample for a song called er, So Much Love to Give and released it under the name Freeloaders. And theirs turned out to be the bigger hit of the two.

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