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TV Years: The Nineties

Here it is, another issue of TV YEARS. This time it’s covering the 1990s and it’s on sale from Tuesday April 2. We’ve had a flick through, and – we’re going out on a limb here – it’s our favourite issue yet.



– Jimmy McGovern on Cracker – and why one story in particular would never be screened today
– Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley et al on Absolutely Fabulous
– Hannah Gordon on Watercolour Challenge
– Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Anna Ryder Richardson and, yes, Graham Wynne on Changing Rooms
Lee Hartney – Brookside’s ‘Simon The Cult Leader’
– Martin Lambie-Nairn on BBC idents
– Jeremy Spake – JEREMY SPAKE!


Russell T Davies on 20 years of Queer As Folk
Sally Ann Matthews schedules her perfect line-up of ’90s telly
Dawn Airey on the launch of Channel 5


Eldorado, Our Friends In The North, The Word, Twin Peaks, The Mary Whitehouse Experience… BSB!

As ever, if you need more info, you can find TV YEARS on Twitter here: @tvyears

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