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Troubles and Strife

GOD AWFUL clergycom in which a young vicar takes over a village parish and becomes a lust target for the ‘young wives group’, all of whom embraced dizziness/stupidity in a way most Page 3 girls can only dream of. STEVEN PACEY played the dishy rev, and Scottish sort MAUREEN “CASUALTY” BEATTIE was one of the frustrateds. There was also a wifely role for PATRICIA “SHE’S FOUND ANOTHER MAN, DAD” BRAKE, while ANNA “OH, ARRRFUR!” KAREN overplayed a belligerent cleaner (headscarf, curlers, fag in mouth, nuclear voice – no resemblence to Hilda Ogden intended, honest) and provided the only semi-memorable moment when she interrupted a wedding at the ‘know of any lawful impediment’ stage to moan that she hadn’t been invited. Even though she was there, in a pew, with hat and buttonhole. Thirteen episodes in all, during which the husbands of these supposed ‘wives’ never surfaced. Opening titles showed the women singing Bread Of Heaven with altered lyrics, while looking simperingly at the vicar.

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