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Pink Panther Show, The

Big-nosed workman falls foul of limitless-paint-pot-circular-pillar-runaround no. 471 The best of the 'middle bits': big nosed 'tec and lingually-challenged sidekick hunt weird three-headed wise-talking jewel thief

LET’S GET the order right here. First came THE PINK PANTHER SHOW, starring your “rinky-dink Panther” of gentleman, scholar and “acrobat” persuasion, boasting utterly unrelated cadging-a-lift-off-a-boy-driving-through-the-desert titles and The Inspector for half-time entertainment (“Don’t say ‘si’, say ‘oui’!” “Si – I mean oui”). These were imperial antics, with the jive-walking feline mostly getting one over generic big-nosed all-white workmen and using his tail as an umbrella/pogo stick/electrical wire/hat stand as appropriate. Next up was THE ALL NEW PINK PANTHER SHOW, which had the funked-up version of the classic Mancini theme, and Pink coming out of a shower, drying himself with a hair dryer and turning into a big pink furball. These were the ones “introducing” Crazylegs Crane, and Pink disco dancing at the end. Finally came THE NEW PINK PANTHER SHOW, which was presumably made between the first two, but which came bearing the rotten Aardvark (“And the Aardvark too!”) and the brilliant “Yes sir, it’s all for you, and funnier too!” titles.

Oh dear: 'middle bit' slumps in quality courtesy of redneck yellow-beaked dopey bird thing getting runaround from smart-arse winged parasite Watch out Crazylegs! There's a buzzy squeaky-voiced twat after you! 'Middle bit' hits bottom: nasal blue wanker adopts Roadrunner strategy to 'kill' an innocent bug the size of, well, an ant
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  1. Le Flic

    May 20, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Damn right about The Inspector being the best of the middle bits, it actually raised a few laughs unlike its successors in that slot. Plus it was brilliantly voiced by Pat Harrington Jr (who equally brilliantly was the head of The Phone Company at the end of The President’s Analyst) performing both The Inspector (never named) and his sidekick Deux-Deux. The names of the instalments were great too: Napoleon Blown-Apart, Toulouse La Trick and Cirrhosis of the Louvre for example. It was my favourite part of the show when I was little.

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