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More or less one-man outfit of producer Daniel M Angel, who lined up a range of Val Guest light comedies such as the daffy Mister Drake’s Duck (in which Douglas Fairbanks Jr’s titular fowl lays uranium eggs, prompting action from a Ballard Berkeley-led army division) before moving into redoubtable war dramas like Reach for the Sky and Carve Her Name With Pride, although he did try to wrangle the film rights to Lady Chatterley’s Lover from the DH Lawrence estate in the ’50s – what he would have done with them at that time is anyone’s guess. Also, confusingly, variously known as Daniel Angel Films, Pinnacle, Dial, Apollo and Keyboard. The impression of a shyster in an ill-fitting suit arranging a dodgy deal, being asked ‘by the way, what’s the name of your company?’ and hurriedly casting his eye around the dingy office for quick inspiration is hard to shift with this one.

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