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woodwardOf course, in our ongoing mission to be smugly contrary, we immediately scanned the man’s CV for non-police, non-military roles. And we came up with, er, Saul off of King David. Oh, and claustrophobic chiller The Appointment, which really should be shown every Christmas. But yes, he does mainly keep ’em peeled, from Young Winston to Who Dares Wins, ‘Breaker’ Morant to 10 Rillington Place. And consummately well did he do so, in a comprehensive, career-long answer to Noel Coward’s infamous ‘bathtub fart’ putdown.

FINEST HOUR: You knew it was coming, but we have to admit the only thing that let us down about Ed’s performance in The Wicker Man is the fact that he never got to join in the singing, thus shamefully depriving us of that rich Good Old Days baritone.

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