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HARRIS, Richard

harrisCharacterised by Clive James as permanently baring his lower teeth, and to be fair there’s lots to have a go at Dickie H for. MacArthur Park, obviously. The bloody hellraising anecdotes. Tarzan. Orca. The Wild Geese. But hang on, he was rather good in that, wasn’t he? Herein lies the rub – Harris didn’t give a toss about the Proper Way of Doing Things, he just got on with the Harris Way of Doing Things. And he certainly got things done. Heroes of Telemark, Camelot, Juggernaut, A Man Called Horse, Robin and Marion… He earned the odd gin and orange, we feel.

It’s got to be This Sporting Life. He never made the rugby grade in real life, but this was surely better. And yes, those teeth are prominent throughout.

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