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EGE, Julie

egeSiren of the 60s, former Miss Norway became the woman that, given the endless lewd mentions of her in The Goon Show, Sabrina presumably was in the 50s, Ege was was rolled in to be the object of desire for some of the best leerers of the day. Mooned over by Leslie Phillips (but then who hasn’t been?) in The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins and the object of the exquisite dishevelled lechery of Michael Hordern in Up Pompeii! sexcomedyville eventually came a-calling and she landed up in Rentadick and Percy’s Progress. Norwegian telly has taken up most of her time of late, which is a shame, since despite her recent serious illness she could easily smirk her way into the lividinous thoughts of several new generations at once.

Fending off the advances of Ludicrus Sextus…sort of.

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