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Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

Robert ‘Monchichis’ Morse winds up in bed with Doris Day during a blackout, to the consternation of Patrick O’Neal, who gets his revenge by building a cunning contraption which automatically dials his colleague’s phone number and plays a tape of his wife apparently being killed by a burglar when he’s round at his house so as to give himself an alibi, but he didn’t reckon with the perspicacity of young student Michael Kitchen… hang on, that’s not right. Er, yeah, this is based around the infamous ’65 New York blackout, using it as an excuse to link together various half-baked plot ideas – Morse ripping off his investment company, Day almost-but-not-quite copping off with Morse, Terry-Thomas as a reliably Terry-Thomas-esque Broadway producer continually eyeing up Day (who plays a Broadway actress – of course), and cameos from Jim ‘Oh, Waldo!’ Backus and ‘The Joy of Cooking’ Steve Allen. Doris knocked films on the head shortly after this, wisely.

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