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Under The Cherry Moon

Dappy vanity project from Prince, which is only of interest if you really, really, *really* like the Parade album but for some reason don’t own a copy. Ah, but what if we told you it featured an unexpectedly Cream-heavy cast list, including Steven “Powerball!!” Berkoff, Francesca ‘Krull’ Annis, Victor ‘Take My Wife’ Spinetti, Greg ‘My Two Dads’ Evigan, Jenny ‘Walkabout’ Agutter, David “come in!” Cann, Dana ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Plato, Anthony ‘Noggit’ Booth, Toni ‘Mickey’ Basil, Christopher ‘On Safari’ Biggins, Willie ‘Pigsticking’ Rushton, Madeleine ‘Eureka!’ Smith, Jack ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ Smethurst, Keith “Amy!!” Barron, Carol ‘Chockablock’ Leader, Paul ‘Bunco Booth’ Daniels, Ken ‘Erasmus’ Campbell, Anita “the body” Harris, Richard ‘Finders Keepers’ Stilgoe, Paul ‘Hi-De-Hi’ Shane and George ‘Inigo Pipkin’ Woodbridge? You’d see through our crummy ruse and still not watch it, of course. Good on you!

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