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Saturn 3

The main source of mirth with this being, of course, Martin Amis’ notorious dabbling in sci-fi scripting. Not sure if he was aping his dad on this one (who was more a ghost story man really, although our investigations into lost Republic movie serial Kingsley Of The Rocket Men remain inconclusive), but the results speak – stiltedly – for themselves. Farrah ‘something for the dads’ Fawcett and Kirk ‘something for the grandmothers’ Douglas farm that soya stuff those Usborne books told us we’d all be eating all the time by now, play unconvincing minimalist chess and go jogging in gossamer leisurewear until Harvey Keitel turns up with top-heavy brain-in-tank tin-squeezing behemoth Hector, and man vs. machine fun ensues. At least, it does if you play TV Cream’s patented Spot Ed ‘UFO’ Bishop game.

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  1. A Naked Kirk Douglas

    July 28, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    “Hydroponics! Hydroponics! Hydroponics! Hydro-ahahahahahahaaaa…!”

    I’ll bet as many British people have seen me in this as they have in Spartacus, it’s been on TV that often.

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