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Go West

Impoverished fourth MGM Marx outing, with a plot nicked wholesale off Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West and a sad air of contractual obligation hanging over the whole thing. Good bits – the opening three-way banter with Harpo and Chico doing Groucho out of his baggage and endless ten dollar bills, and the final dismantling steam train sequence, harried by silent movie bores for having a similar premise to the one in Buster Keaton’s The General, but carried out with, to be frank, more wit, sprightliness and downright good fun than that overrated cold fish ever managed. So there. In between, a lot of boring bartender banter, wild west heavies having the rug pulled out from under them very drearily, and an attempt to replicate A Night at the Opera’s crowded stateroom scene in a stagecoach which comes to nothing.

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