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Slade were the Daddies of the glam scene (just as Mud were the HP), so it’s only fitting their sole cinematic foray lords it over the rest. Noddy and the boys work their way up from the pubs (as Iron Rod) to fame as the titular Flame, under the wing of cynical plugger Tom Conti. As with Take Me High, the Midlands provide the backdrop, though this being another Goodtimes production, it’s far from tourist board fodder. Yep, it’s all seedy stuff under the foil-toppered surface, as their crooked former manager sends the boys round to sort Conti out, tensions flare between Noddy and Jim, the lads object to their cynical commoditisation (‘I’m not a bloody fish finger!’) and crazed Sladettes smash up a venue as a helpless Emperor Rosko looks on. But there’s a nice line in sarky dialogue, comedy aplenty with Dave Hill and Don Powell buying a new car, the band’s trademark ‘Hair by Robert Dyas’ anti-glamour, and Tommy Vance as one Ricky Storm. Plus there’s Slade’s best ever song – fact – How Does It Feel, on a bulging soundtrack.

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