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We’ve never forgiven this mid-period Disney feature for causing it very real and prolonged childhood trauma with the ‘pink elephants’ sequence (the best scene in this none-too-likeable Pinocchio retread which proves once again that, when allowed to, the Old Men at Disney could do ‘scary’ like no-one else. Imagine if ‘Uncle’ Walt hadn’t had the storywriters jammed on ‘morbid sentimentality’ for the length of his reign, what bizarreness they could have gotten away with). So what to make of our observation that, said Lynch-beating nightmare and Disney Time fave “When I See A Elephant Fly” aside, this doesn’t really have that much to it? One thing it probably won’t include is the best bit of the screening on Granada on Good Friday 1990, which we found on an old tape recently, where for the first few minutes the vision was accidentally replaced by a shot of the continuity announcer’s empty chair. Still, roll on the much-needed aesthetic shake-up of Bambi. And, er, Victory Through Air Power.

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  1. Lawrence Broome

    February 13, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Hi, I found your page via google due to the Tags regarding Anita Harria at Chessington Zoo! I’m looking for an old TV advert for Chessington Zoo in which Anita Harris did the voice over? Is this by any chance what you found?

    Many thanks,


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