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Damien – Omen II

We’re still flogging this theory that the middle film of a trilogy was always the best – or was it the worst? On the one hand you’ve got your Empire Strikes Back (don’t argue) and your Godfather: Part II, but on the other you’ve got your Temple of Doom and this load of old bobbins. True, the little fella who plays Damien is genuinely creepy, but in a no-friends-talks-to-himself-at school-calls-his-schoolbag-by-a-name kind of way and not necessarily in a son-of-Satan-bringer-of-darkness kind of way. True, it does star Leo I’m off on a residential course in double-entry bookkeeping’ McKern, though not for long, and Ian ‘Don Quick’ Hendry, but that’s little consolation for a film whose most sinister dramatic device is some ancient scribblins on a wall.

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  1. Lee James Turnock

    May 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    The bit where Mark’s supposed to be suffering from a debilitating brain aneurysm looks more like somebody turned his personal stereo up too loud. I used to think the blinding from a raven’s beak bit was pretty effective, but logic tells me she should have just grabbed the fucking bird and stamped on it.

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