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Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen

Not one of the endless Charlie Chan features from the ’30s starring Warner Oland, worse luck (and there’s a clutch of former Friday afternoon favourites we could be doing with seeing again for a start) but instead the bizarre Clive Donner-helmed lunacy starring Peter Ustinov in which wor Pete takes the title role and Richard ‘Captain Apollo’ Hatch the part of Number 1 Son, Lee Chan Jr. It’s a knockabout farce really and more a gentle send up of the whole Chan canon more than anything else but it’s good fun with Oosti capitalising on his earlier stint in One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing to get the full breadth of nonsense from his sellotaped eyes. Brian ‘Hardcastle and McCormick’ Keith is there, which is always a good sign, as is a very junior Michelle Pfeiffermenowitz, which isn’t.

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