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“Frying tonight!” Often cited as the best of the lot, but while it’s certainly up there, there’s the odd early entry we prefer. Still, you can’t argue with a deranged Kenneth Williams, who seems to come perilously close to almost enjoying himself at times, thanks mainly to the presence of erstwhile revue chum, the excellent Fenella Fielding. Harry H Corbett and Jon Pertwee also put in top non-regular turns (all the better when you remember that this edition was followed by the disappointing Phil Silvers experiment), and Charles Hawtrey takes time between flasks of Bell’s for a visibly out-of-it cameo as Dan Dann the Sanitary Man. Plus there’s Oddbod, Oddbod Jr., an exclamation mark in the title (always a good omen, as we know), and the production design’s spot on – they’re doing Hammer, for goodness’ sake! Who’s complaining? Hereabouts or thereabouts – Angela ‘Digby’ Douglas, Tom ‘Massive Mickey Magee’ Clegg, the two Franks, Thornton and Forsyth, and Marianne Stone, who we sincerely hope wasn’t left out of the groundbreaking range of tie-in action figures that were made available at selected theatres when this film was first released. Why didn’t they, er, carry on doing that with the rest of the films? We’d have loved to have owned a poseable Gladstone Screwer.

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