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Alf Garnett Saga, The

Still scripted by Speight but with Stubbs and Booth unaccountably replaced by Michael Angelis and Adrienne Posta, this second stab at getting Till Death… up amongst the King Cones was a bit of a shambles, especially since the situation – rather a crucial constituent of any situation comedy – was changed dramatically to relocate the family to a block of high-rise flats. By doing so Speight falls into the worst sitcom spin-off trap, that being the relocation of action to another place for no real reason, the most diabolical example of which is Are You Being Served? (1977) when the entire cast goes on holiday together at the same time to the same resort – no need to explain why! Similarly, the characters themselves were altered needlessly. Angelis plays son-in-law Mike as a sort of feckless drug-addled womaniser, probably only to expedite the diabolical sequence where Alf takes an acid trip. Even the briefest of viewings, however, suggests if anyone had some sort of run in with narcotics during the film’s production process, it was probably Speight.



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