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LUCAS, George

A terrible waste of talent. ‘Ah, but though eighty percent of his oeuvre is undeniably formulaic pap, is he not Hollywood’s only true auteur?’ See MEYER, Russ. The father of modern cinema. In a mockingly self-righteous article for the Guardian Guide, speculate with barely concealed relish as to whether his death in a high school hot rod accident would have benefitted or condemned Hollywood. No ear for technical dialogue. ‘I think Harrison Ford put it best when he said “This film is bullshit, George, and you’re a fucking moron!”‘ ‘Delightful! And of course Ford’s subsequent career more than proved his point.’ The intelligentsia may mock, but old friends Scorsese and Coppola still turn up at Skywalker Ranch every Wednesday morning without fail for a hearty breakfast. Jonathan Ross writes: ‘And if that isn’t a seal of approval from the industry’s great and good, you tell me what is!’

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