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2019 in memoriam

Ron Smith
(?/24-10/1/19), Judge Dredd artist

Dianne Oxberry (28/11/67-10/1/19), Simon Mayo breakfast sidekick, 8:15 From Manchester presenter, BBC North West weather presenter

Windsor Davies (28/8/30-17/1/19), Battery Sergeant Major Williams from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Smallbridge from Never The Twain

Hugh McIlvanney (2/2/34-24/1/19), doyenne of sports journalism and documentary

James Ingram (16/2/52-29/1/19), R&B singer-songwriter

Clive Swift (9/2/36-1/2/19), Richard from Keeping Up Appearances

Jeremy Hardy (17/7/61-1/2/19), comedian and Radio 4 regular

Albert Finney (9/5/36-7/2/19), Bafta winning, five time Oscar nominated film and TV acting great

Richard Gregory (24/7/54-7/2/19), Gerry Anderson’s animatronics designer, later worked on Walking With Dinosaurs and Bond films

Jan-Michael Vincent (15/7/44-10/2/19), Stringfellow Hawke from Airwolf

Peter Tork (13/2/42-21/2/19), Monkees “bassist”

Graeme Curry (?/57-24/2/19), writer for Doctor Who (The Happiness Patrol), Eastenders and the Bill

Mark Hollis (4/1/55-25/2/19), Talk Talk frontman

Andre Previn (6/4/29-28/2/19), composer, arranger, conductor, pianist, Eric Morecambe straight man and BBC2 chat show host

Keith Flint (17/9/69-4/3/19), Prodigy frontman

Magenta Devine (4/11/57-6/3/19), Network 7, DEF II and Rough Guide

Scott Walker (9/1/43-22/3/19), Walker Brother turned increasingly obtuse solo musician

Ranking Roger (21/2/63-26/3/19), The Beat toaster

John Quarmby (18/6/29-5/4/19), the health inspector in Fawlty Towers’ Basil The Rat, also Z-Cars, Porridge, Juliet Bravo, Howard’s Way and K-9 & Company

Sandy Ratcliff (2/10/48-7/4/19), Sue Osman from Eastenders

Ken Kercheval (15/7/35-21/4/19), Dallas’ Cliff Barnes

Edward Kelsey (4/6/30-23/4/19), Joe Grundy in the Archers, voice of Dangermouse’s Colonel K and Baron Greenback

Boon Gould (4/3/55-30/4/19), Level 42 guitarist

Freddie Starr (9/1/43-9/5/19), high-spirited comedian

Brian Walden (8/7/32–9/5/19), MP turned ITV political interviewer

Andrew Hall (19/1/54-20/5/19), Russell in Butterflies

Royce Mills (12/5/42-21/5/19), stage farceur, occasional Dalek voice and Arthur Daley’s accountant

John Myers (11/4/59-1/6/19), Border and Tyne Tees presenter and continuity announcer turned commercial radio executive

Paul Darrow (2/5/41-3/6/19), Avon from Blake’s 7

William Simons (17/11/40-21/6/19), PC Ventress in Heartbeat

Max Wright (2/8/43-26/6/19), Willie Tanner in ALF

Glyn Houston (23/10/25-30/6/19), regular supporting actor (Softly Softly, Keep It In The Family)

Duncan Lamont (4/7/31-2/7/19), jazz saxophonist who wrote and performed the Mr Benn theme

John McCririck (17/4/40-5/7/19), Channel 4 Racing’s extravagant betting reporter

Freddie Jones (12/9/27-9/7/19), Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas, also The Ghosts Of Motley Hall and occasional Jackanory reader

Brendan Grace (1/4/51-11/7/19), Irish comedian, Father Ted’s Father Fintan Stack, wrote and first recorded Combine Harvester

Jimmy Patton (20/8/31-26/7/19), Chuckle Brothers’ brother, Chucklevision’s No Slacking

Lol Mason (?/50-31/7/19), City Boy and Maisonettes singer

Joe Longthorne (31/5/55-3/8/19), entertainer, singer and impressionist

Anna Quayle (6/10/32-16/8/19), stage actress, regular panellist on What’s My Line?, Grange Hill’s Mrs Monroe

Richard Williams (19/3/33-16/8/19), animator on films (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Pink Panther) and adverts (Cresta)

Sheila Steafel (26/5/35-23/8/19), mostly comedy character actor (Frost Report, Not Only But Also, The Good Old Days)

Terrance Dicks (14/4/35-29/8/19), Doctor Who writer and script editor, co-created Moonbase 3, wrote for Space 1999 and Crossroads

Valerie Harper (22/8/39-30/8/19), Rhoda

Ric Ocasek (23/3/44-15/9/19), The Cars frontman

Leah Bracknell (12/7/64-?/9/19), Zoe Tate in Emmerdale

Peter Sissons (17/7/42-1/10/19), newscaster and Question Time presenter

Stephen Moore (11/12/37-4/10/19), Rock Follies, Solo, voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android in TV and radio Hitchhiker’s Guide

Reg Watson (27/8/26-8/10/19), creator of Crossroads, Neighbours, Sons & Daughters and Prisoner Cell Block H

Juliette Kaplan (2/10/39-10/10/19), Pearl in Last Of The Summer Wine
AND Jean Fergusson (30/12/44-14/11/19), Marina in Last Of The Summer Wine

Gay Byrne (5/8/34-4/11/19), The Late Late Show host for 37 years

Richard Lindley (25/4/36-6/11/19), ITN and Panorama reporter

Ian Cullen (20/10/39-12/11/19), Z Cars, When the Boat Comes In, Doctor Who’s The Aztecs

Clive James (7/10/39-24/11/19), revolutionary TV critic, broadcasting wit, endlessly fascinated documentarian

Gary Rhodes (22/4/60-26/11/19), trailblazing TV chef

Jonathan Miller (21/7/34-27/11/19), writer, satirist, director, presenter, author and doctor

Greedy Smith (16/1/56-2/12/19), Mental As Anything frontman

Donald Tosh (16/3/35-3/12/19), last surviving writer for the First Doctor, also helped to develop Coronation Street

Paul Squire (?/50-4/12/19), comedian/entertainer with shortlived BBC and ITV prime-time show career

Andy Robin (31/8/35-4/12/19), owner of Hercules the grizzly bear

Michael Peacock (14/9/29-6/12/19), first controller of BBC2 and first managing director of LWT

Caroll Spinney (26/12/33-8/12/19), Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch puppeteer

Rene Auberjonois (1/6/40-8/12/19), Star Trek DS9, Benson, M*A*S*H film

Marie Fredriksson (30/5/58-9/12/19), Roxette singer

David Bellamy (8/1/33-11/12/19), nature and science adventurer

Sheila Mercier (1/1/19-13/12/19), Emmerdale’s Annie Sugden

Nicky Henson (12/5/45-15/12/19), Shakespearian theatre actor who was Mr Johnson in Fawlty Towers’ The Psychiatrist

Kenny Lynch (18/3/38-18/12/19), variety singer and entertainer

Tony Britton (9/6/24-22/12/19), sitcom, stage and film actor, Fern’s dad

Neil Innes (9/12/44-30/12/19), Bonzo Dog Band, seventh Python, Rutles, Innes Book Of Records

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. THX 1139

    January 2, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Seemed to be a lot of celebs passing away in December last year. Didn’t know about Paul Squire, watching his act you can tell he was probably dated in a matter of six months, so no wonder he never stayed the course on TV. Shame, though, he was obviously talented even if his material was creaky.

    Lovely to see last night’s Doctor Who dedicated to Terrance Dicks.

    Anyway, great job. RIP to them all.

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