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Now that Evan Davis is off to the Today programme – albeit for 12 months – vacancies are open for the position of host of Dragon’s Den and BBC Economics Editor.

The former, quite clearly, needs to be filled by Greg Dyke. Having confirmed his ease at being able to trot out the same scripted bits of dialogue every bloody episode on Channel 4’s recent Get Me The Producer, and given his own track record at business innovation (those ‘Cut The Crap – Make It Happen’ yellow cards for all BBC personnel), the man is a shoo-in. Besides, he’s used to throwing money at doomed ventures, such as Channel Five (SATIRE).

As for Economics Editor, rather than merge the position with that of Business Editor, currently occupied by Robert “Errr” Peston, you really do need a separate appointment, someone with a light touch, affable personality and an eye for figures. Is Susannah Simons, sometime host of Channel 4’s Business Daily, still around? Failing that, anybody got Joan Bakewell’s number?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chris Hughes

    November 23, 2007 at 11:19 am

    Economics editor? Surely this is the moment for the triumphant return of Peter Jay?

    As for Dragons’ Den, how about Jeff Randall? Just because he’d never agree to do those stupid “A disgrunted Duncan Bannatyne has declared himself out” voiceovers. Failing that, James Max.

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