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So, rumour is that the Daleks will be making an appearance in this year’s Dr Who after all. To celebrate – cos it is worth celebrating – TV Cream’s done a nice little deal with Skaro’s finest to supply you with some suitably grating Dalek sounds for all your PC’s functions.

Yup, everything from a natty start-up thingy, to a ‘you’ve got e-mail’-type message has been laid down for you by those preposterous pepper pots.

We’ve provided both MP3 format and WAV for you to download. And so…

Upon starting up your computer

PC start-up mp3 – 156kb
PC start-up wav – 1.65mb

Upon shutting down your computer

PC shut-down mp3 – 371kb
PC shut-down wav – 3.99mb

Upon receiving email

Email mp3 – 148kb
Email wav – 1.56mb

Upon performing an error

Error mp3 – 92kb
Error wav – 976kb

Upon deleting a thing

Deleted mp3 – 88kb
Deleted wav – 956kb

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