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Stilgoe’s On/Stilgoe’s Around

HE’S BACK! Absent from this A-Z for a criminally lengthy period (though still plenty of time to rustle up a few anagrams and musical skits) it’s Rich and his twin-tracked approach to revitalising mid-80s childhood. First up was the man’s guide to what to do when “imprisoned indoors, feeling pale and wan” thanks to it pissing down with rain or, somewhat melodramatically, “you’ve contracted a chill and you’re feeling so ill that you’re making your will”. Basically, a show about hobbies, pastimes, idling and time-wasting. Ace. Each show found Stilgoe in a “house” filled with, erm, groups of kids who he moved between like a primary school teacher with the rubber scissors and staple gun. Sequel, obviously inspired by BBC brainstorm of surname puns, tackled lifestyle “issues” like how to tie a tie.

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