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Kick Up The Eighties, A

AUNTIE’S FIRST tryst with alternative comedy, very much a first-date-down-the-park affair with dependable chaperone RICHARD STILGOE initially on hand to becalm bemused Home Counties viewers. In fact, what with ROGER SLOMAN and MIRIAM MARGOYLES also in attendance, it was really only the presence of RIK MAYALL as Brummie investigative reporter Kevin Turvey to mark proceedings down as in any way “alternative” (TRACEY ULLMAN dressing up doesn’t count). Second series found Stilgoe substituted for ROBBIE COLTRANE as demented Scots Orangeman Mason Boyne (doing a rendition of Deck Of Cards: “The Eight of clubs reminds me of the bacon and eggs I eight for breakfast!”), equally mad Master of Dundreich (“Let me help you out of those wet things, my dear.” “But they’re not wet.” “Bucket!” [SPLOSH!] “Let me help you out of those wet things, my dear”). Just over a million people wrote the script. Just under a million tuned in. Bequeathed LAUGH??? I NEARLY PAID MY LICENCE FEE.

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