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Stig of the Dump

MODERN TRACKSUIT and cagoul kid finds prehistoric stoneage tyke in ostensibly “classic” fantasy. Stig (KEITH JAYNE) lives at the bottom of a chalkpit in Kent a pit into which locals have tossed their rubbish for years. It’s refuse to them but, ho ho, not to Stig, who has turned some of it to “good use”, contriving a water-supply with a bicycle mudguard, a vacuum cleaner tube and a tin that once contained weedkiller. Young Barney (GRANT ASHLEY WARNOCK) discovers Stig and comes to believe that his new friend is in truth a caveman who has somehow contrived to live, undiscovered, in the dump since prehistoric times one billion years ago. Historical and educational voracity of this theory are unclear. Viewers remain confused at one child’s fondness for a dirt-smeared vagabond.

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