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QUARTET OF big-haired, big-suited losers meet in none-more-late-80s “sit” venue of a singles bar and proceed to chase each other’s affections in search of “com”. Basically, DUTY FREE without the hiding-in-wardrobes and shouty-foreign-stewards. ROGER REES, JUDY LOE, EAMON BOLAND and SUSIE BLAKE were the eponymous billy-no-mates. Premise eked out year after year by dint of a sequence of preposterous plot conceits, such as the long-lost friend turning up out of the blue with a roving eye and wallet to match (a badly miscast SIMON CADELL – he’s always supposed to play victims, dammit!) and ditzy Scouse barmaid GINA MAHER “remembering” a crucial bit of information at an equally crucial place in the episode, i.e. sixty seconds before the closing credits.

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