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FUTURISTIC (FOR its time) escapades following the exploits of cyber-sleuths HUGH O’BRIEN, ANTHONY FRANCIOSA and DOUG McCLURE, backed up by irascible controller BURGESS MEREDITH. Gimmick was that the three were linked by radio implants and other groovy gadgets to a central control, where Meredith and his team of chairborne smartarses would use computers to instantly access vital data and pass it instantly to our heroes. Niftiest toy was a tiny TV/multisensor, which could be worn as a ring or a pendant and gave perfect, shake-free images, no matter how badly the wearer was having the crap kicked out of him at the time. Show usually ended with something like the hero for the week (the leads rotated, which was a tad confusing) jetting off into the sunset on a Jumbo he’d rented on a company card ready to join the mile-high club while Meredith wittered into his earhole about how much this airborne shag was costing the firm.

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