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IT WASN’T all TISWAS and SIX FIFTY-FIVE SPECIAL for the lovely SALLY JAMES. In the mid-70s she was the host of this, your typical Saturday morning kids’ TV stuff (reading out letters, doing competitions, interviewing guests etc.) in between the likes of THUNDERBIRDS and assorted cartoonery. Occasionally followed at 11.00am (after a discreet break for JUNIOR POLICE FIVE) by a Saturday Scene Pop Scene special, featuring Sal’s “tips for the top”. Cartoons like the JETSONS, live action dramas like BEACHCOMBERS, film show CLAPPERBOARD and dismal magazine LONDON BRIDGE were all encompassed by the format. By ’76 it mutated into SUPERSONIC SATURDAY SCENE, with Sal joined by MIKE MANSFIELD of the ‘Sonic parish. Bought-in entertainment was boosted by SPACE 1999 – and deflated with TALES OF THE RIVERBANK. Towards the end they gave up even on that level of effort, and bunged a film like Charley’s Aunt across the schedule instead.

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