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Saturday Night People

EPIC EPICUREAN jawathon live from the South Bank boasting the tremulous troika of CLIVE JAMES, JANET-STREET PORTER and RUSSELL HARTY, gossiping, introducing reports and generally trying to piss each other off. From behind individual hexagonal desks, our hosts would hold forth on items of teasing tabloid trivialisation, what they’d watched on telly that week (which in Clive’s case was always everything), some colourful local citizen with a story to tell which one of them had been to interview, and the decline and fall of morality. Not necessarily in that order. Acquired brief national fame courtesy of Clive’s Michael Caine impersonation (“Everyone inside! The killer bees are coming!”) with associate giant prop wasp lowered from the studio ceiling to scare him shitless.

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  1. Richard16378

    April 6, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I’m too young to remember this but it did get a mention in your recent write-up of Russell Harty.

    Some stills from the title sequence are used in a book on TV Graphics.

    Russell, Janet & Clive rendered as neon signs are very quirky

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