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Perfect Strangers

SHORT-ARSED MISERABLIST batchelor finds out he has a wayward cousin from comedy made-up backward East European island of Mypos. BRONSON PINCHOT (Beverley Hills Cop) was Balki Bartokamous and MARK LINN-BAKER his US relation, their plight effortlessly summed up by the theme song: “Sometimes the world looks perfect/nothing to rearrange/sometimes you just get a feeling/that you’re needing some kind of change/No matter what the odds are this time/nothing’s gonna stand in my way/this flame in my heart, like a long lost friend/’cos every dark step has light at the end/Standing tall/ on the wings of my dreams/rise and fall/ on the wings of my dreams/rain and thunder/wind and haze/I’m bound for better days/It’s my life, my dream,/nothin’s gonna stop me (nothin’s gonna stop me),/my life, my dream/nothin’s gonna stop me now…” [harmonica goes “wooow-wa-wa-WOOOW-wa-wa-waaa” etc.] Much laboured misunderstanding, pulling of the “birds upstairs”, and general mugging. Plus oh-so-funny “happiness dance”.

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