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SID AND Marty Krofft, the costumiers/puppeteers who designed the BANANA SPLITS and brought the world of HR PUFNSTUF to life, also exported a fair few other weirdo shows to American (and later British) screens. Such as:

LIDSVILLE – Similar to Pufnstuf, wherein a boy is transported to a magical world where all the inhabitants are hats.

BUGALOOS – British bug people who ran a radio station and fought the evil Martha Raye.

WONDERBUG – Beat up dune buggy (Schlep Car) who was transformed by a magic horn into a crime fighting super dune buggy.

SIGMUND THE SEAMONSTER – Casper-type live action about a sea monster who wanted to be friends but always had to fight of mean older brothers.

SPACE NUTS – Sci-fi comedy featuring a pair of bumbling explorers, with a moon shot like space capsule.

BIGFOOT AND WILD BOY – Boy raised in the woods by Bigfoot, both fought crime in the wilderness SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN sound effects.

ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL – BATMAN-esque affair only with the gender reversal thing.

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