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Bottom Line, The

BA-BA BA-BA, ba-ba ba-ba, baa, The Bottom Line! went the close harmonies theme tune to this short-lived ITV answer to WATCHDOG of a Thursday evening. Bizarre line-up of ill-cast DANNY BAKER, EMMA FREUD, JANICE LONG and moustachioed GMTV fall-guy MICHAEL WILSON came on and stood in a line, before engaging in 25 minutes of ultra-pointless consumer-related tat. Now rated by the Bake as the most embarrassing moment in a career full of ill-judged vehicles, mainly due to his inability to care about greedy couples from Essex who’d lost their life savings because they thought they were going to get a free lawnmower.

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  1. Richard16378

    December 9, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    I remember Danny Baker tried to have it put in Room 101 & ended up having to take a box set of it home with him!

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