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BJ and the Bear

AHEM. VERY late (but not late enough) seventies-style amalgam of Every Which Way But Loose and Smokey and The Bandit, with GREG “MY TWO DADS” EVIGAN as a stupid trucker named, er, BJ, replete with screwy chimp sidekick “The Bear” (named after some American baseball/football player or other. Like anyone in this country would know).

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  1. Palimpsest

    July 1, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Made the rainy Sunday afternoons stretch into eternity. Thoughts of Clint Eastwood style punch-ups in a mid-west roadhouse failed to live up to pre-show trailers, socialm moralising and low key problem solving whilst delivering consignments of politically correct text books. Even the punch-line at the end with the chimpanzee felt muted.

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