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Las Vegas Roundabout

Grizzled former ‘tec Eddie Albert (best known as the pratfalling comic relief off Roman Holiday) teams up with ex-con and adversary Robert Wagner to form the feature length pilot for what would become Switch, yet another Glen A Larson detective series wi-hi-hith a difference, the best bit of which is Sharon Gless as their receptionist who goes, rather wonderfully, by the name of Maggie Philbin. And you don’t need us to tell you that the only other fictional character named Maggie Philbin to appear on American television, a year before this film to be precise, was when Louise ‘Mrs Woody Allen Mk I’ Lasser portrayed one Sergeant Maggie Philbin in a fourth series episode of McCloud, the Midwestern-sheriff-comes-to-NY series masterminded by… Glen A Larson! We have made what James Burke would call a connection.

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