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Kenny and dog grooving on out to Ron Geesin's Dripped Chromatic EssenceSTRANGEST concept ever for a childrens’ show, with Kenneth Robinson introducting school holiday morning jollity provided by a rogue’s gallery of unsuitable-for-child-audience rogues including freshly-fired from Radio 1 Kenny Everett (with his Mary Whitehouse-baiting cliffhanger serial ‘Rock Salmon – Special Investigator’), poetic eccentric Ivor Cutler, the ever unpredictable Viv Stanshall trying out early instalments of Rawlinson End, cecleb alcoholic Jeffrey Bernard, pre-Instant Sunshine satirist Miles Kington, Pink Floyd cahooter Ron Geesin, hippy DJ Annie Nightingale, jazz-rock-happy musicians from the ‘Canterbury Scene’, and most perplexingly of all, American shock-comedy troupe The Credibilty Gap, featuring a very young Harry Shearer. As all were on their best behaviour (even Bernard), it somehow worked, and became a cult favourite with listeners of all ages. Later mutated into Everett-helmed Radiophonic Workshop-enhanced oddity 4th Dimension.



  1. Bob Meyrick

    September 22, 2014 at 11:45 am

    I remember this programme, though I don’t recall it being for kids! One Credibility Gap sketch has stuck with me, about an old Blues singer by the name of Blind-as-a-bat Boy Studwell, who made a meagre living selling hot possums. This may even have pre-dated Cheech and Chong’s “Blind Melon Chitlin”… Wasn’t Rock Salmon the Masked Chartered Accountant, with his sidekick Aubrey, Super Clerk?

  2. Elise Camp

    September 23, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    What about the inveterate Irish barfly? Oliver Shamus Hugh Squire. Now say it slurred,thanks to Benny Green. A wonderful off the wall programme eagerly anticipated by all people I knew. Is it available as a transcript? If not why not?

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