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“HI FANS!”. Loquacious anecdote-dispensing machine and longtime Peel Show producer John Walters fronting an ‘oik’s eye view’ roundup of happenings in the art and culture scene, covering everything from avant-garde jazz and the latest Fall-inspired ballet to disastrous Fleetwood’n’Fox happenings at the Brit Awards, usually with exasperated disdain never too far away, all linked by the ‘Magic Mingle-Mangle Music’ (i.e. Walters jabbering ‘mingle mangle mingle mangle’ over the top of the theme from The Twilight Zone) and bits of Viv Stanshall being funny in another age. Finest moments always to be found when he went off on a disbelieving rant about something or other, usually something apparently innocuous like Kajagoogoo or some ancient black and white TV puppet, and you do have to wonder how many cornerstones of Smoking Jacket Era NME-style music coverage had their ear pressed firmly to the speaker. Magic Trousers, do your stuff!

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