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Pig Hits!

Pig Hits! The Album!

This is it – the pig one! We have reached the end of TV Cream’s reshaping of the first half of Now That’s What I Call Music!’s century – many more and we’d have needed to research all the tracks first – and created a crowdsourced counterpoint to Ashley Abram in letting the people pick from our choices of the best tracks from each of those double LPs/CDs/cassettes.

As well as the four mysterious figures within TVC Towers who put our nominations together, thank you to all our guest judges: James Masterton, Tim Worthington, Matthew Rudd, Paul English, Ricardo Autobahn, Ben Baker, Chris Brown, Edward Russell, Seb Patrick and Kieron Gillen.

Also thank you to the hundreds who voted throughout the 10 weeks, giving us 50 tracks to, as the tagline briefly went, feel the quality of. Winning margins ranged from 2{30e2395aaf6397fd02d2c79d91a1fe7cbb73158454674890018aee9c53a0cb96} (Now 5 and 33) to 48{30e2395aaf6397fd02d2c79d91a1fe7cbb73158454674890018aee9c53a0cb96} (Now 6), and nine (4, 6, XIII, 14, 32, 36, 46, 47, 48) polled 50{30e2395aaf6397fd02d2c79d91a1fe7cbb73158454674890018aee9c53a0cb96} or more of their album’s nominees’ votes. And after all that, here’s the sparkling hits you came up with courtesy of a Spotify playlist, which is sans the two KLF tracks, because that’s how it is.

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