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Christmas Telly Treats

Introducing: TV Cream’s Favourite Christmas Telly Treats

The advent-aperture game

Hello! Welcome to this year’s ‘stocking filler’ from your pals at TV Cream! But, what is it? From here till Friday, twice a day, we’re presenting our 10 Favourite Christmas Telly Treats, and chatting about them in a specially made ‘audio report’. All 10 ‘items’ will then be packaged into one sumptious podcast, sometime between here and New Year’s Eve. We’re not quite sure when, yet.

So what’s at number 10 on our list? Whoah with the questions! Find out by downloading TV Cream’s 10th favourite Christmas telly treat right here or listening to it below…


We’ll reveal our next TV Cream’s Favourite Christmas Telly Treat at 4pm today!

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