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50 Great Things About Coronation Street

TV Cream’s 50 Great Things About Coronation Street Podcast – Episode 1

"I speak my mind without fear or favour."
By ‘eck it’s that TV Cream lot again, with their irregularly-scheduled podcasting ways.

Now then, this new bunch of broadcasts is more exciting than a subscription to The Weatherfield Gazette, seeing how it’s a trip back through memory ginnel, celebrating five decades of Britain’s top soap.

In this first part of TV Cream’s 50 Great Things About Coronation Street Podcast, the fellas offer up their first ten things that are great about the Street. That means a bit of Ena, a bit of Oggy and – thank heavens for small mercies – no Cilla Brown.

Plus news on Corriefest, a one-off event happening on 12 December in Manchester, that has nowt to do with TV Cream, and will probably be all the better for that.

So what are you waiting for?  Linda Lusardi’s old fella turning up to terrorise you on the Net? You can download the first part of TV Cream’s 50 Great Things About Coronation Street Podcast from TV Cream; you can subscribe to it via iTunes; or you can listen to it right here…




  1. George White

    August 29, 2016 at 10:04 am

    Watching the Arnold Swain eps again, who turns but a young David Bradley as the local DI…

    There’s a Jackson Barlow – flaming lips doc maker, worked on David Ogden Stiers’ together again for the First Time, Tempe’s Project Valkyrie and Cop Car’s Andrew Hasse’s Elf Help.

  2. George White

    March 9, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    Discovery of the year – that Peter “Len Fairclough” Adamson played an Oirish farmer/horse trainer in Mindhorn-esque bionic-handed Canadian spy series Adderly
    A pity he moved back to the Uk, if he’d stayed in Canada, he could have appeared in the similarly US syndication-aimed likes of War of the Worlds – the Series, Highlander – the Series, and Friday the 13th – the, er, Series. And done voices for X-Men.

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