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Creamguide (Films) Commentaries: Time Bandits

Welcome to 2018, with the first official release from Creamguide Films (Commentaries). The trio convene to assess Terry Gilliam’s best film (FACT) and in the process discover that Time Bandits is a perfect slice of cinema (except possibly for the bit with Michael Palin in Robin Hood era, which doesn’t quite land). Listen in also for the official rankings of Pythons from best to Eric Idle. If you don’t want to listen to the commentary using our player (above), then Download this episode (right click and save) (81 MB). Or, to save you all this hassle, just subscribe to our podcast via iTunes.

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CREAMGUIDE(FILMS) COMMENTARIES will return on 12 February with a special guest …

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George White

    January 29, 2018 at 9:10 am

    1. I think it is an exaggerated version of the 1980s.
    2. Derek Deadman of course will appear later.
    3. Yes, its Sheila Fearn from George and Mildred, and Audrey in the Likely Lads.
    4. Myrtle Devenish.
    5. Kevin has a Dalek drawing on his wardrobe.
    6. Erik the Viking was Terry Jones.
    7. David Leland, it is.
    8. Rappaport did three eps of LA Law, plus a short-lived series, the Wizard, then died while making an episode of Star Trek.
    9. It was Antony Jay, Lynn’s writing partner, more so than Lynn.
    10. I agree on Hunt looking like Calibos. It’s also the voice, and also the fact that Calibos is described constantly as being a handsome idol.
    11. The series isn’t sexist and racist, per se. Characters are sexist, and the Major is racist, and Fawlty doesn’t comment because he’s trying to be polite, and also because he’s a little bit horrible racially himself, i.e. his reaction to the black doctor. It’s like Rising Damp. Only Rigsby is racist. And that’s his character. And that dago birdbrain bit clearly was a mistake, or Polly perhaps doesn’t mean it, because it is slightly against her character, but I digress.
    12. Warnock did one more role, a Virginia Woolf TV movie for the BBC/PBS.
    13. Purvis’ daughter is an actress, and was a Deal or no Deal contestant.
    14. Warner is also in SOS Titanic, the 1979 EMI TV miniseries. As the male lead, which was going to be Christopher Strauli, but they thought he looked too young against Susan St. James.
    15.Helmond was cast against the studio, Avco Embassy who wanted Ruth Gordon, but then Ruth Gordon got too ill.
    16. Logan isn’t in East of Ipswich. It’s the Dress she does with Palin
    17. They technically made Lock Stock, but then sold it to Polygram. And then they came back in the mid-2000s and made Highlander V for the Syfy channel.
    18. Zero Theorem was the more recent. The Imagnarium of Dr. Parnassus.
    19. Free as a Bird was 1995.
    20. Deadman was in the first Harry Potter, as the Leaky Cauldron barman, but got replaced by Jim Tavaré in sequels.
    21. Summer of 69 was 1984.

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