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YORK, Susannah

yorkYou don’t argue with Superman’s mum of course, but if there was ever an odder CV among these nominees we’d like to know about it. Curling up with Coral Browne in The Killing of Sister George, strange Robert Altman crack-up study Images, terrorists-vs-hang-gliders nonsense Sky Riders, robbing a London bank via the sewers in Loophole, shipwrecked in Australia with Trevor Howard in The Adventures of Eliza Fraser, accomplice to Warren Beatty’s swinging Riviera poker ace in Kaleidoscope, death by defenestration in the Awakening and running around naked on all fours in borderline-mad horror The Shout. Not a career for the faint-hearted.

FINEST HOUR: Codebreaking colleague and lover to Dirk Bogarde in Sebastian, the swingingest cryptography film ever made.

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