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TINGWELL, Charles ‘Bud’

tingwellLet’s be perfectly blunt here; if a film doesn’t have Bud Tingwell in it, then it isn’t a proper Australian film. Even Bill Hunter taking part makes it only slightly Ozzie at best. But with Charles in charge, we’ve got some proper Ocker product to enjoy. Bud made his name elsewhere than Australia of course, mostly because in the years following the war the only people to impress with your acting displays down there were people who were pissed off that you weren’t Chips Rafferty. So like Peter Finch and the great Bill Kerr it was to the UK that Bud came to make his name. Securing the role of Inspector Craddock in the ace MGM Marples with Dame Mags Rutherford and after that, well, if there’s an Australian accent in evidence then he’s bound to be in it somewhere. If it’s any good that is.

FINEST HOUR: As the retired barrister having one last tilt at the windmills of bureaucracy in excellent moronic masterpiece The Castle.

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