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Iraffertyf an Australian film doesn’t have Bud Tingwell in it, it could at least have the grace to include the other prop of the Oz film industry, the former John William Goffage. Look closely at outback-orientated films of a certain vintage. Contrary to popular belief, there really will be a bloke in khaki shorts and a big Akubra hat, sometimes even with corks hanging off it. That bloke, we’d lay odds 10-1 on, will be Chips. Whether trekking across the Northern Territories with thousands of cattle while dreaming of being relocated to Moscow in Ealing’s Commonwealth effort The Overlanders, or introducing Robert Mitchum to the delights of competitive sheep shearing in the Sundowners, Chips is a guarantee of fair dinkim filmdom and no mistake.

FINEST HOUR: Showing the dark side to the Old School Aussie male as the Eyetie-bashing father-in-law in delirious Michael Powell immigration-com They’re a Weird Mob.

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