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georgeAs dullards have it, she was a child actress who ‘went rude’. That’s it, case closed, knowing harrumphs all round, retire haughtily in a Justice Maltravers stylee. But between the extremes of the Children’s Film Foundation and Straw Dogs, there’s her victim of Ian Ogilvy in The Sorcerers, her bird knocked up by Jack Shepherd in All neat in Black Stockings, her schoolgirl living in sin with Charles Bronson in Twinky… Ok, they have a point. But there’s also The Looking Glass War, Eyewitness and Spring and Port Wine in the defence’s case. The sexpot jury’s still out.

FINEST HOUR: Pushing James Mason’s herring to the side of her plate in Spring…, ‘best’ booter’ or no ‘best booter’.

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