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MORLEY, Robert

morleyBlustering, mincing, nincompooperising, looking askance down the nose (if that’s possible)… No-one said a character actor had to choose likeable parts, and Morley, a mensch by every account going in real life, took the camply dislikeable into new realms of fruity unpleasantness. From dotty manchild gadget freak Cedric Page in Topkapi to hopeless computer programmer Caesar Smith in Hot Millions, Morley commands respect with his mastery of roles that, er, command no respect at all. Look, we know what we mean.

We’d love to sneak his iconic Lord Godmanchester from The Old Men at the Zoo in here, but we’ve got to stick to films, so: well, the Christmas-camp, poodle-toting critic Meredith Merridew in Theatre of Blood, and whyever not?

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