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Carry On at Your Convenience

Bad things in this: well, yes, the whole populist union-bashing rigmarole. (Historians argue this stymied the film at the box office, which we’d love to believe, but we’re not sure there’s any actual evidence for this. The later Carry On Girls, for instance, didn’t do that badly, and that was another bout of ‘those nasty lefty loons spoiling our honest British good fun’ red-bashing. We think it’s more prosaically due to the fact that Carry On Henry came out the same year and, most people perhaps wisely limiting their ‘On diet to one every twelve months, plumped for Sid in tights and busty wenches over bidet fittings and Kenneth Cope’s spotty draws. Which sounds like the right decision on paper, but turned out to be the wrong one.) Good things in this: everything else, especially Marianne Stone getting the most lines she’s ever had (we think), ‘Hot… cold… down the hole!’, the peerless works outing to Brighton, Renee Houston and Charles Hawtrey’s clandestine whist tournaments, Joan Sims’ defiant shop-floor ribaldry, and, yes, Kenneth Cope’s polka dot-clad arse.

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