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Calling Bulldog Drummond

Cyril McNiele’s WWI captain turned two-fisted gumshoe has enjoyed more celluloid incarnations than most, from silent outings under the short-lived Astra-National banner, via audible incarnations courtesy Ronald ‘Raffles’ Coleman, John ‘Also Raffles’ Barrymore, Tom ‘The Fucking Falcon’ Conway and Ray ‘Eyes’ Milland, to a supersonic swinging sixties Ralph Thomas revival with Richard ‘Murder in Mind’ Johnson as a spoofy, Bond-lite version of the Captain, and of course, Mel Smith’s Bullshot. Located somewhere in the middle of all that is this one-off MGM effort with Walter Pigeon in the part, David Tomlinson as Algy, and appearances from Bernard ‘M’ Lee and James ‘MT, YK, TSL, TMGROOAYBS?’ Hayter.

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