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Carry On Admiral

Sounds like a bona fide Carry On film, but this is a George ‘Our Girl Friday’ Minter production, under the aegis of Val Guest, and based on Off the Record, a creaky old stage farce by Ian Hay and Stephen King-Hall, and therefore not canon at all, though Rogers and Thomas did allegedly decide to lift the ‘Carry On’ part of the title for the following year’s inaugural Sergeant. Naval officer Brian Reece and parliamentary private secretary David Tomlinson get giggly-pissed on gin-laced water and decide to switch uniforms for a lark, landing them in deep trub with titular Admiral AE ‘Million Pound Note’ Matthews, doing his trademark (and decidedly ace) bluff dither. Joan Sims provides the sole link with Ver Gang as a chambermaid chatting fart about broken door numbers, but there’s also Desmond Walter-Ellis, Alfie Bass and Sam Kydd.

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