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Introducing a brand new feature…

…dedicated to noting all appearances by the great man in the public eye, be they online, on the radio, on telly, or wherever he Stilgoe’s on.

First up, you’ve seven days to listen to this brilliant show from 1984, wherein Rich, accompanied by Emma Thompson, does skits, limericks and – most importantly – topical songs about health, exercise and stuff, including ‘the F-Plan Diet’ (replete with comical fart sound effect) and a delicate ode to that most mysterious (and therefore humorous) of objects, the jacuzzi:

“When on the news, it’s Cruise
Or the bomb, or Greenham Common,
Though the unemployed are banging at my door
And the third world holds out its bowl for more;
To take the blame I refuse,
Don’t shout at me J’accuse,
For I’ll simply go and lie in the jacuzzi…”

In true BBC variety tradition there’s an unrelated interlude from some musical guests, The Cambridge Buskers, and there’s also a bit where he impersonates an Arab.

Meantime if you make any sightings of Stilgoe, shuttle them this way asap.

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